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Horror Turtle - Amigurumi

Horror Turtle - Amigurumi

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Introducing the Horror Turtle Amigurumi Series – where cuteness meets the cryptic! Meet Jason Turtle, with a shell that echoes eerie whispers, chasing you with his adorably ominous determination. Freddy Turtle, with razor-sharp stitches on his striped sweater, is ready to haunt your dreams in the coziest way possible. And beware Candy Corn Turtle, with a sugary shell that hides a taste for trick-or-treat mischief.

These mischievous amigurumi turtles have emerged from the shadowy side of crochet, bringing an adorable but dark twist to your cuddle collection. Join the trio for a plush horror story that's both spine-chilling and heartwarming. After all, who knew nightmares could be so irresistibly cute? 🐢🖤🍬

Pattern Designer:


  • Yarn - Premier Parfait Chunky Yarn 100% Polyester.
  • Eyes - Acrylic safety eyes.
  • Stuffing - Poly-fil 100% premium polyester fiber

Washing Instructions:

Spot clean only


  • Height: 7.62cm /3in
  • Length: 17.48cm / 7in

Please note: This is not a toy and should not be given to kids under 3 years of age.

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