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Bunny it - Amigurumi

Bunny it - Amigurumi

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Introducing Bunny It, the irresistibly cute yet mysteriously unsettling amigurumi bunny. Cloaked in a charming red dress and adorned with orange hair tied up in an innocent bow, Bunny It conceals a playful darkness. Her fluffy exterior belies the eerie charm inspired by the haunting allure of Stephen King's IT.

Beware, as Bunny It's button eyes seem to hold secrets from the sewn realms of whimsy and shadows. This bunny isn't just hopping into your heart; she's inviting you on a plush journey into the peculiar and cute abyss inspired by the spine-chilling tales of Pennywise. A snuggle with Bunny It might leave you with a stitch of curiosity and a touch of delightful shivers! 🐰🎈🤡

Pattern Designer: mo.nikitas


  • Yarn - Premier Parfait Chunky Yarn 100% Polyester.
  • Eyes - Acrylic safety eyes.
  • Stuffing - Poly-fil 100% premium polyester fiber

Washing Instructions:

Spot clean only


  • Height: 30.48cm / 12in
  • Width: 17.78cm / 7in

Please note: This is not a toy and should not be given to kids under 3 years of age.

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